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First, thanks for stopping in! This is worthy of a thumbs up itself.

A little about myself. I am a Software Developer currently based out of northern New England. I attended the University of New Hampshire where I obtained my BS in Computer Science. Since then, I've been a Software Developer at Liberty Mutual.

By profession, I am primarily a web developer. I have focused primary on front-end work (mostly Javascript) with some experience creating RESTful services.

In my own time, I enjoy learning new programming languages and about them in general. My current language of interest is F# (though I have tinkered with OCaml as well). I also enjoy Emacs as my editor, and Linux as my OS of choice.

Besides computer stuffs, I also enjoy road biking, jogging/walking, going to the gym, (snow) skiing, and more recently listening to a variety of podcasts. And of course, trying to find ways to entertain the world!

This is a site I use to collect notes, thoughts, and projects for myself. I aim to try and keep it updated a few times a month. So feel free to check back in!